2. Project Deliverables

To be a legitimate contestant in the 2024 International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL 2024), a project must be presentable and presented with the following deliverables, known as the Four P's, with the appropriate categorisation and content that addresses the guiding questions.

2.1 Competition Categories

IBCOL 2024 teams separate their projects into three categories:

  • Social Impact: primarily SDG 2,3,4,5,10,16; secondarily SDG 1,8,13,14,15.
  • Economic Impact: primarily SDG 1,8,9,11,17; secondarily SDG 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,16
  • Environmental Impact: primarily SDG 6,7,12,13,14,15; secondarily SDG 9,11,17
  • Teams select up to 5 SDG (ranked by order of impact)
  • CC reserves the right to reassign projects to new SDG

2.2 Guiding Questions

IBCOL 2024 teams shall use guiding questions to guide the project conception and development in the form of a properly-formatted paper:

  • Problem Statement: issues, impact, process flows, overall situation, etc.
  • States-of-the-Art Overview: current tech/product levels, competitive analysis, etc.
  • Solution Overview: why blockchain, how blockchain, features, benefits, impact, etc.
  • Solution Design: stakeholders, process flows, architecture, technology, governance, etc.
  • Challenges: risks, liabilities, mitigations, adoption, scalability, next steps, etc.

    2.3 Material Submissions

    IBCOL 2024 teams shall submit materials for a chance to show their quality:

    • Stage 1 (“Proposal”): one PDF file; slide deck; 16:9 ratio; unlimited slides.
    • Stage 2 (“Paper”): one PDF file; guiding questions in A4 IEEE conference format, 4 pages max; appendices in any format, unlimited pages.
    • Stage 3 (“Pictures”): YouTube unlisted URL; video; 16:9 ratio; 3 minutes (180 seconds) limit.
    • Stage 4 (“Poster”): one PDF file; A2 portrait (“vertical”) format; final size & orientation subject to change by EPC.